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Frequently Asked Questions




Q 1: I have a party/ function next week (7 days from now). Can you delivery the items by then?
Answer: With the Expedited option, the order can arrive in 5 working days. However, given customs, weather and other uncertainties, Express option would be the ideal option.


Q 2:  Is there a maximum number of items to use with the Free shipping option?
Answer: No. There is no limit with Free Shipping option.


Q 3:  Can you ship international? Can you ship to my country & PO Boxes?
Answer: Yes. We do ship international and ship to PO Box. You could also check with us by email at hello@happymoments.club or enter an enquiry form on the Contact Us page.


Q 4: Where are you located? Why does it take so long for shipping?

Answer: HappyMoments is based in Hong Kong. The orders will take 7-14 business days to reach overseas.


Q 5: I would like to buy more quantities of the same item (bulk purchase)? But I could not choose that quantity and add to cart, what should I do?
Answer: Definitely let us know! We will be more than happy to help. Send us your enquiry at hello@happymoments.club or Twitter @HappyMomentsHMC. 


Q 6: Why does the URL changed to some weird name "http://www.happymoments.club/checkout.phpxxxxxxxxxxxx" when I am at checkout?
Answer: We are a store using the Bigcommerce platform for ecommerce. Please do not worry, the checkout process is Safe & Secure!


Q 7: I have pressed the checkout button but not ready to pay yet. Can I retrieve my order later?
Answer: The items should be in your cart when you return. However, there is no actual "order" created since no payment has been made.




Q 8: I am at Paypal ready to pay for the order. Can I go back and edit my order?
Answer: Yes. Just click the back button. Nothing will be charged to your paypal at this point.


Q 9: What's the difference between Normal Checkout and Paypal Checkout?
Answer: Normal Checkout allows you to enter a different billing and shipping addresses. Paypal Checkout will use the address that you registered with Paypal for shipping and billing purposes.










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