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Need some fabulous window display for your shop?

28th Aug 2017

Do you need to set up a fabulous display for your brick and mortar shop?

Use letter balloons as display is a great way to announce sales campaign! Giant letter can be used to fill up the whole display window. If the shop window is not too big or too wide, or you would like to leave out some space to display the items, this mini letter balloons will work too! 

The above sample is a children's clothing shop and the letter balloons take up about 30" x 30" of windows space.

Use tape to secure the balloon seal after inflating to ensure no air leakage. Stick the balloons on the windows with double-sided tape or glue dot. The SALE sign should stay inflated for over 2 weeks! 

If you prefer to use larger size to create a more eye-catching display, J Crew's latest Sale campaign used the giant letters as well.

Inflate the gold 40" letter balloons with air and let the balloons float. Stick the balloons together with glue dot to create the desire shape (see above the touching point of A/L/E). Hang the letters with wire attached to the ceiling. Latex balloons can be used along with the letter balloons. Use double-sided tape to stick the balloons on the display wall. Air-filled balloons can last much longer than helium-filled balloon!

We hope you will find this helpful. Stay tuned for more window display ideas!