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How to tie the balloon on a stand and make it stand up straight?

21st Aug 2017

How to Tie the Balloon on a Stand without Tape

Say no more to wobbly and tilted balloon stand! Read on to find out how to tie a balloon on a balloon cup and keep it straight for days!

Step 1. Gather all the items you'll need

1. A Balloon Stand with Cup

2. An Inflated Mini Balloon

3. A Thin Ribbon about 15 cm long

Step 2. Make sure the balloon seal/ tab is not to full

Deflate the the balloon a little so that the seal is flatten.

Step 3. Hold the balloon cup facing upward (hook on the backside). Insert the balloon seal.

Then push the cup to the top, so that it will reach the bottom of the balloon

Step 4. Flip-over the balloon with the balloon seal underneath the hook

Step 5. Place the center of the ribbon at the edge of the balloon seal

Step 6. Start folding the balloon seal with the ribbon inside


The remaining air at the balloon seal should be pushed into the balloon. Keep the seal flat.

Step 7. Keep folding until the ribbon is at the position of the hook

The ribbon should be tightly wrapped by the balloon seal.

Step 8. Hold the cup and balloon tightly and wrap the ribbons around the hook

Repeat on both sides of the ribbon.

Step 9. Tie a knot to secure the ribbon

Wrap the loose ends inside the balloon cup

Side view:

Step 10. Assemble the stand. Attach the stick to the base.


The finished product:

The front side of the balloon seal should be neat and tightly folded, which will prevent air from leaking. The balloon will not tilt to one side of the stand and make it wobbly. Tie ribbons at the cup to hide the ribbons as needed.

This technique can be used on larger size balloons as well, up to 17-inch, as shown below.

Even though the balloon will be kept straight on the stand, the base is not large enough to prevent it from falling over, some other decorative items can be added to the base as weight.

Here are some more examples of balloons with the stand, they make a great table centerpiece.

We hope you will find this guide useful and you can now tie the balloon on stand with ease! 

The balloon stand (cup, stick and base ) is available here for purchase.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding the process!