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How To Display Foil Balloons Without Helium

Posted by Charing Chui on 16th Jun 2014

Foil Balloons are great as party decorations. Wondering how to display them without using helium? We have 5 easy ways to do so with materials/items you probably already have in your home!

The 5 materials/tools are:

1. Double-sided Tape 

Use Double-sided tape to display foil balloons is simple and easy. Tear off small sections of the tape and stick on high points of the wrong side of the balloons, then tear off the backing tape, slightly press the balloons so that they will stick on the wall.

Finished Look:

Side view:

Double-sided tape will stick better on flat surface (works very well on glass). Be careful when using on painted surface as paint might come off with the tape. Heavy duty double-sided tape is not recommended to use on painted surface.

Double-sided tape is easy to remove as well. Peel them off the balloons carefully so that they won't leave the sticky residue on the back of the balloons.

2. Glue Dots/ Blu Tack

Glue Dots work the same way as double-sided tape but they are more handy and does not require tearing. 

3. Fishing Wire (Line)

Measure and cut the desire length of the fishing wire, stick on the balloons surface with regular tape, then tie the wire to a fixed object for hanging. In the below example, regular tape was used to stick the wire on the door.

Side view:

Since the balloons are hanging by the wire, they will appear less stiff and have a floating effect. This is perfect for display balloons without a flat surface.

4. Wire (Beading wire/ metal wire)


Metal Wire helps to set the balloons to line up at the desire shape. Simply line up the balloons and stick them on the wire with regular tape. Hang or tie the wire to a fixed object to display the balloons. This is great for surface that is not large enough to stick on the balloons and to display the balloons at a curved way. Fishing wire will work as well, but metal wire has more strength and holds the shape better.

Finished Look:

5. Safety Pins

Safety pins are great for foil balloons display on fabric or fabric-covered surface. Stick the safety pins on the balloons with regular tape. Careful not to stick the needle part on the balloon! **in case you accidentally made a hole on the balloon, use tape to cover the hole immediately** Hang the balloons on the fabric with the safety pins. 

Finished Look:

Side view:

We hope these methods would help you to display the foil balloons without using helium. 

Have a great awesome looking party!

**Helium cannot float small balloons (e.g. 14" letter, 10" star balloons) since the amount of helium is too small as compared to the weight of the balloons.** The above methods are ideal for displaying smaller sized balloons.