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3 Simple Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

21st Nov 2017

3 Simple Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving Day is such a meaningful occasion celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It aims to give thanks for all the good things in life. 

During this occasion, people prepare traditional dishes such as Roasted turkeys, corns, pumpkin pie, potato pie and cranberry sauce for the Thanksgiving meal. Most people also give gifts such as chocolates, jewelry, flowers and baked cookies to their loved ones.

Another thing people do is to decorate their house for this grateful day. The following are 3 simple Thanksgiving decoration ideas that you may do to make your Thanksgiving Day more significant:

Thanksgiving Thankful Tree


The wonderful Thankful tree as shown in Meaningful Mama.

It has been said that it is good to give thanks always. People must not forget to give thanks to God and to people who have been dear to them including family and friends. One way to show gratitude to them is to make a Thanksgiving thankful tree.

To make thankful tree, gather twigs or branches of tree in your backyard. Then, arrange them just like a mini tree. Cut out craft paper in shapes of leaves and write thankful note on the leaves. You may also put pictures of loved ones hang on the thankful tree. Finally, paint the twigs white or brown and placed them in a glass vase or a decorated large pot.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece

Beautiful sample shown from Field and Fireside.

The Thanksgiving dining table looks great with a pumpkin centerpiece. This conveys more the spirit of giving thanks.

To make a pumpkin centerpiece, just get a big pumpkin and cut the top part of it in a circular manner. Then, put various artificial flowers with different colors. You could even place them on a big bronze platter together with two small pumpkins and a candle to enhance the centerpiece.

Corn Husk Wreath

Above sample from the tutorial on

To make a corn husk wreath, buy dozens of corns husk, push pins, and a round foam. Put the husks clockwise on the round foam using push pins overlapping each other. Then, placed leaves on the lid of the foam. You can even add LED garland to light the wreath and brighten your door. You may also paint the corns husk or leave them in natural color.

We hope you will find inspiration from the ideas above!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!